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Anne helps people create a life plan towards reaching their own individual goals and choosing the best options for living a fulfilling life.

Anne provides life transition coaching to individuals and couples in preparation of a major life transition or during times of unexpected life transition.  Anne’s coaching methods will assist individuals in determining important next steps following any life changing circumstance.   Her life transition coaching methods help people understand the best options for them individually from which to create the life they want to live.

A good time to work with Anne is during the following types of life transitions:

  • Career Transition (determine eligibility and readiness for various job opportunities including entrepreneurship)

  • Planned Retirement (a retirement with purpose)

  • New Disability or Injury (ways to maximize productivity and independence)

  • Divorce or Death of a Spouse or Companion (explore options to keep life full and meaningful)

  • Change of Residence or Location (understanding your needs before beginning your search)

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How to Create A Plan with Anne

After an initial get acquainted coaching session about attitude toward retirement and retirement readiness, Anne helps her clients discover and develop a life plan using a Retirement Success Profile (RSP), developed by Psychologist Richard Johnson.  The RSP covers 15 categories, the results of which are charted for comparison and analysis.  The RSP and personal coaching sessions are the foundation for setting goals and developing a life plan.  The results highlight areas of strength and areas needing improvement along with pinpointing any concerns to be addressed.

After completing the Retirement Success Profile, Anne will schedule your first coaching session to begin reviewing your results.  You will learn more about your unique situation and perspectives in order to clarify the goals you desire to reach that will lead to creating your unique individualized life plan. 


Retirement Success Profile (RSP)

During each subsequent coaching session, Anne will focus on areas to be strengthened based upon the results of the survey.  The specific 15 RSP categories are:

  1. Work Reorientation

  2. Attitude Towards Transition

  3. Directedness

  4. Health Perception

  5. Financial Security

  6. Current Life Satisfaction

  7. Project Life Satisfaction

  8. Life Meaning

  9. Leisure Interests

  10. Adaptability

  11. Life Stage Satisfaction

  12. Dependents

  13. Family and Marital Issues

  14. Perception of Age

  15. Replacement of work Function


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Meet Anne Totin, The Transition Coach

Anne Totin is a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist and an ICF Certified Life Coach. 


Anne specializes in Life Transition Coaching and Occupational Therapy Consulting.

A Note from Anne: 


I have experienced many life transitions including divorce, career changes and  job changes. These changes presented challenges which have helped me to understand the difficulties people face during these times and understand how guidance and support can be quite beneficial.

I focus on using my coaching skills to assist people during times of life transition in order to reduce stress and address any concerns while creating a plan for a bright future and a new adventure.

Anne Totin
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Life Transitions are a part of our own personal journey. Everyone can live life to its fullest. 

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