Anne helps people maximize their potential to be productive, independent, and healthy and following a new disability or injury.  

As an Occupational Therapist, Anne helps people become gainfully employed by determining their abilities and types of work related jobs they are able to perform following a new disability or injury. Anne can assist these individuals with Career Transitions Coaching.  

Using her occupational therapy background, Anne helps people with a new disability or injury become as independent as possible by assessing the individual’s needs and teaching new ways of completing daily activities.  This includes helping those with intellectual disabilities to participate in social situations, helping people to regain or relearn skills following injury/illness, and provide support to adults with physical and cognitive changes.

Anne's services also help seniors living in a long term care facility, and seniors residing for a short time period in a skilled nursing facility. She can assist with learning new techniques for daily activities following a physical change with an illness or injury or elective surgery. 


In addition, Anne performs Home Assessment checks of the home environment to identify modifications that can be made to improve accessibility, ease of use, and safety.  Home assessment checks greatly reduce the risk of falls or injuries, all of which increases the ability to age in place. 


Anne’s consulting covers the areas of meal preparation and healthful cooking; scheduling free time for fun and social activities; maintaining community for emotional health; developing new relationships and connections with other services.    

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Runner with Amputated Leg