Anne specializes in helping people plan to live a fulfilling, meaningful, and productive life after retirement and providing direction to have a retirement with purpose.  This new stage of life brings freedom and many choices. 

Retirement Lifestyle Coaching provides guidance in several areas:  time management for day-to-day planning, healthy lifestyle habits (in the areas of food, exercise, activities, volunteering, mental health tips); understanding personal needs and considerations before finding and adjusting to a new place of residence; maintaining and developing new relationships; getting involved in new types of activities and social engagements; and contributing to community and determining types of volunteer work that matches their interests and values. 

As a Retirement Lifestyle Coach, Anne assists individuals with rediscovering their dreams and passions and understanding their personal tastes and lifestyle preferences through personal assessment questionnaires and individual coaching sessions.  Discussions will generate a written plan for choosing the best options that will make life meaningful and satisfying.

Create a plan with Anne.  Call Anne Totin at 412-352-4607

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